Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Cucks thoughts about the other night

Well since Scarlet has been  telling you about her meeting with her Bull the other night , I thought I would share some of mine. Well the whole week she had been texting him every day and all day , her mood was one of delight, I had not seen so happy in along time , this made me also very happy but some what jealous , but jealousy is such a turn on for me being the cuck that I am. I was masturbating all week thinking of their first meeting , but as you can see now she just locked me up last night, so I guess I want be doing that for some time. But that's OK by me , it's also very erotic to me being caged , while she is free. OK so back to that night , when she greeted him at the door and they embraced and kissed for the first time looking like long time lovers ; that got me so hard and happy for her. I knew from that moment she would enjoy a beautiful night, the site of them together over took my jealousy with pure horniness  and joy for her. And when he entered her for the first time , I knew that my cock would never please her again like his. Knowing this gave me a great humiliation but that turns me on very much. I'm hoping she learns to become more Dominate towards me as we progress in this lifestyle , because I want to be very submissive towards her and wish for her to train me as a good little cuckold. Again back to that night watching him cum inside her ,seeing her face as it happened , it was a face of pure joy and lust . And then seeing her pussy as he pulled out of her , I was so over come . I just wanted to dive into it with my tongue , but I waited and went away a while to give them some alone time , while they fucked two more times. Then she came to me while I was sitting in the other room and gave me my gift of sitting on my face for a little while. To me its a great joy licking another man's cum from my wife's pussy, tasting her cum mixed with his is very intoxicating, there is no drug like it. Then after he left for the night , she allowed me inside her , she was so used i could not feel her walls of her pussy and I loved it when she told me she could not feel me. So I jerked off and came , with her feeding me my cum. What a great night , I will keep you all updated on my training and thoughts
Goddesses Cuckboy  


  1. Great to read both sides of the story! Thank you for that. You seem very supportive to your wife needs and really enjoying the experience. Where you locked after the meeting? How about being locket before. You say you where masturbating a lot before the meeting, doesn't that diminish your cuckold or submissive feelings a bit. And thereby making it more difficult being a good cuck?

  2. I was not locked before the meeting but a day after . Yes I did jerk off often before it happened it did not diminish my cuckold or submissive feelings, but made them stronger because now I am locked up and she has a Bull that gives Her what she needs

  3. Mostly you see the cuck locked up in advance of the meeting (to keep him sexually high) and released afterwards. Nice to see that there are different approaches. Any idea when you will be released?

    1. We are new to this , but from what we have saw from others no more than 3 days to start with