Sunday, March 30, 2014

Meeting of the new bull

What does one do when a guy with huge cock contacts you....well after my jaw dropped, I talked back.  We texted all day about everything what he wanted, what I wanted what my cuckold wanted.  This went on for days.  Finally I called him and heard his voice.  I can't explain how connected and comfortable I felt.  He continued to seduce and pursue through his words.  He understands what I want even though I'm not sure what I want.  It feels almost like I am being worshiped.  That is so bad but it feels good.  We finally meet after many days of anticipation.  He walked in the door and begin touching me immediately.  The small of my back first then an embrace.  A kiss on the couch becoming intense quickly.  I can't wait, so I ask him to the bedroom.  My cuckold follows with the camera.  I quickly forget about the camera and my bull seems to be turned on more.  As he kisses and touches me, his eyes are on mine.  The focus and passion is incredible.  When I see his cock, I feel intimidated and hot.  He gets on top of me and very slowly enters.  At first I think no way can he get in..but he does and wow.  To be filled and stretched and owned is amazing.  We fuck in so many positions but I love the missionary with him.  It keeps eye contact and allows almost full penetration.  I cum over and over.  He cums after asking me if he can.  I really like that he asked me.  My cuckold is watching and waiting patiently.  I like that he is there seeing my ecstasy.  My bull tells me that I'm sexy and beautiful.  I feel like the fucking queen of the world.  It's a powerful feeling.  He cums three times inside me.  I'm swollen and sore and sated.  My cuckold licks and licks me so good.  I allow him inside me for awhile so he can feel how I feel.  I could barely feel his cock and he liked it, no loved it.  I guess I'm ruined for any other man now. I can only smile and remember his giant cock filling me up. Well till I see him again.

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