Thursday, July 17, 2014

Instructions for the cuck

 Well this week has been a little slow the new Master has been working a lot so its just been mostly texts and e-mails sent to either the Goddess or myself. Which I kinda like because, I love the mystery of not knowing what the two are speaking about, it so adds to the excitement for this little worm cuck. The only thing I really know from there chats is that most likely they will have a Skype date on Sunday night alone with out me, this has me so worked up, thinking of what they will talk about and do. The Master has been sending me text's on items he wants me to buy for Goddess to wear for him on there first real life date, I will share a pic of the outfit once everything has arrived. The Master has also instructed me to start fully shaving, so I can be how a good sissy cuck should be. He also wants me to start my transition from wearing men's underwear to woman's panties. I was also instructed to send him a humiliating pic of my ass bent over and spread, which I did promptly for him. I am starting to really understand and learn my role in this relationship and I'm loving it.

Goddess little worm cuck

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