Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update on possible new Master

Well I hope all had a good holiday, we got to have a long session chat with a potential new Master Sat. night. As I stated in the previous post we have been e-mailing this Master and thinking he could be special and after Sat. night we are really starting to believe this. He is so in touch with our needs and wants and also something in us just wants us to serve him. He had me on my knees for over two hours massaging Goddess Scarlett's pussy lips though her panties, while they chatted about many things. Finally after having the Goddess watch cuck videos and looking at caption pics and making her so horny and wet. He then ordered her to make herself cum and then send a pick of her swollen wet pussy to him after she came. So she got her favorite large toy and got herself off, all while i sat there and just watched not being allowed to touch myself. After she came and I took and sent the pic to him, he had us print it out; and then told me "worm"  jack that little cock till you cum over that picture because that's gonna be the last time your cum touches that pussy for a long time.  Wow it was so real and humiliating, but I loved ever minute of it, and Goddess was so into it. She is loving that we are back into living this life, I can see how her face shines now, and I'm so happy she is happy. We will be doing a Skype date and training session later this week, he will be sending instructions to me how to prepare Goddess and myself, we can't wait till we speak to him again. Here's the pic that Goddess sent to him after she came, and hopefully Goddess will post something in the next day or two once she gets some time
Goddess's cuckboy

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