Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm Back

We had a fantastic Saturday.  I didn't know how much I love to be ordered and to give orders.  I've never like this before.  The things he told me to do were so imaginative and sexy.  I felt worshiped while I was above the cuck on a hard chair.  I had trouble typing because I was so hot.  We were all included and part of the experience.  The only thing better would be to do it in person.  It's a little frustrating waiting, but it only adds to the sexual heat.  Been thinking about it all week while trying to work. It's an awesome distraction.  Since that night, the Bull has sent links to videos that shocked and turned me on.  To see a girl fucked by three men in a row while hanging out of a car, a cuck licking his Mistress and Bull from underneath while they fucked, and her cuck while he begged for more.  It was so dirty and hot.
Goddess Scarlett

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