Monday, March 31, 2014

New rules

So our Bull has ordained some rules.  Rule number one: that my pussy is his.  The cuckold will be denied and if he needs release it will be on two conditions.  The Bull and Goddess will have to agree that he has been a good cuck and only after the Bull has used my pussy fully and left it fully stretched and satisfied and full of his cum .  This will humiliate the cuck boy when the Bull takes what belongs to him and showed the cuck he is the only man that can satisfy her.  If the Bull must wait to see the Goddess than the cuckold must wait and abstain from any sexual release.  I know I'm turned on and a little nervous.  We decided to take the advice of another cuckold couple.  Condoms must be worn by the cuckold if he meets the criteria above for sexual release.  The Goddess will keep and give condoms when the cuck boy is allowed enter me.  The Bull's cum is the only cum allowed inside my pussy (his pussy).  I feel like a powerful lioness or something right now, I'm just learning how to humiliate the cuck boy but I will learn as time goes by.
The cuck boy was released from his prick cage today for cleaning and shaving.  It was very hairy but it is now a pretty little cock.  God I hate that I have to go to work tomorrow.  It's been a very consuming and exciting few days.  I hope I can remember what it is I actually do for a living.  Oh well the adventure continues.


  1. Its been very long since ur last post, waiting for mire plz

  2. Its been very long since ur last post, waiting for mire plz