Monday, July 14, 2014


 I was playing around with a new makeup style yesterday for the new Master we have been chatting with, I wish you guys could have see it. I'm starting to become a new person, one that is feeling in control. I felt so sexy, and hot after taking some new pics for the Master. So I had my cuck get down and lick me till I came twice on his face. I even squirted, this is only the second time Ive ever had this happen "Wow what a feeling that was" I feel like I'm a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly.
Soon I will feel the Masters beautiful large cock inside of me while my worm of a cuck kneels beside us both and worships our feet. I cant wait, its going to be heaven for this Goddess.
Till another time,
Goddess Scarlett

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  1. Confidence is a wonderful, sexy thing...that's for sure!