Thursday, February 9, 2017

We are back & the Goddess has gone Black

Well we are finally back after a long hiatus , and as you can see my Goddess has gone black. I know its been a long time , and we apologize; but we have just not been in the right place up till recently. Here is a little back story to how we got started again. Around six months ago, I started telling Goddess how hot it would be to see her with a Big Black Cock. And the more we would talk and fantasize about with her black dildo I had bought her; she became more and more turned on to the thought of becoming a Queen of Spades. And we meet this really nice Master who had been into the scene for a long time and we felt really comfortable with him in and outside the bedroom . Unlike many of the past bulls that we have meet that seem to have other motives. So last Saturday Goddess went to meet with him " I thought it was best if I was not there the first time, as to let them fully connect sexually with out having to worry about me" and as you can see things went well. We talk and text daily giving me chores and duties , to make him and Goddess pleased. He has me locked up and shaved in my pubic area and is also having me train with a butt plug daily, so Goddess can start pegging me. Well that about all from me , I'm sure Goddess will update you all this weekend with her thoughts on this new endeavor. And as always leave a comment or a question and we will get back to you.
Cuck boy

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