Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goddess getting ready to leave

I'm sitting here watching my Goddess getting ready to leave and go see her Bull; the site of my wife making herself beautiful and ready for another man is so hot and sexy , she is turning into such a sexy and strong woman. Right now my cock is straining in my cage and dripping like crazy ; knowing in just a little while she will be in pure pleasure in another man arms , kissing and sharing her body with him and not me. Last night she had me lay out her sexy clothing she would wear for him today, making sure your wife is sexy for another man and not you is so humbling , but very much a turn on for me. She has just kissed me goodbye and told me to be good and walked out the door to go be with him. This will be a long couple of hours.
Her Cuck boy.


  1. what a sweetheart to allow her this freedom and enjoyment.

  2. She looks very sexy and seems to be enjoying her new status.